Why Should You Give Your Horse Salt Blocks?

Salt is an essential part of a horse’ daily nutrition, but it may be quite easy to take it for granted as many horse owners consider providing what they think are more important minerals for their horses.

Some of the mineral requirements of your pet may be provided by the forage that are offered to your horse. However, the salt content of hay and grasses are not enough to meet what your horse actually needs. If you are not able to provide your horse with the appropriate amount of salt that it needs to stay healthy, you will later notice that your equine is slowly developing some health issues as a result of its inadequate salt intake.


How Much Salt Does Your Horse Need?

An average horse will need about fifty grams of salt each day. If you’re feeding commercially made feed for your equine, then it should have about 0.1% added in it. You might still want to add a tablespoon or two (15-30 grams), or as needed, and depending on your equine’s nutritional needs. Performance and competition horses will need more salt to replace the energy that they release as they sweat during performance or a competition. Other factors, such as the weather, the season of the year, training level, and so on, will also affect your horse salt requirement. (more…)

Slow Feeders for Horses

Slow feeders are some of the best horse equipment that you should possess if you own a horse. Using them allows the horse to draw controlled bits of hay from the chunk at a specific time. They also serve to mimic the natural pattern of feeding allowing the horse to stay busy for a considerably long time. Slow feeders ensure that the horse does not stay for without something in its mouth or the stomach. Acquiring a slow feeder for horses ensures that the horse does not get distracted to engage in other destructive activities.

Slow Feeders for Horses

Net Feeders

Nets are many horse owners choice of a slow feeder. They provide a controlled feeding pattern that ensures the horse does not stay for long hours without feeding on anything. They also eliminate the aspect of boredom that may lead to the horse engaging in other activities. Nets keep the horse happy because the horse has a chance to nibble the available feeds for hours rather than waiting for a lengthy period of time waiting for the next feeding time after gobbling the available hay at once. Moreover, slow feeders are a way to ensure that the digestive system of your horse gets constant fibre supply hence keeping it at peace. (more…)